Arzonebd was found in 2009.

The main goal of the company is providing hosting services to a qualitatively new level. We use open source software and software developed inside company.

Arzonebd specialists have extensive experience in providing IT-services and developing web-applications (including billing systems).

We use server and network equipment from leading world vendors: Intel, AMD, HP, SuperMicro, Cisco, ExtremeNetworks, APC.

Quality, Owned Infrastructure

Everything we build, we build it right, no expense spared. Where others would use desktop parts to cut corners, we won’t build anything that doesn’t look at home in a Bank’s datacenter. Our servers are really "our" servers. We're not a reseller, and we don't rent or lease. This lets us guarantee clients will not lose data, and gives the 99.97% uptime we promise. We bought it, we installed it, we racked it. We even have backup hardware on-hand, should it be needed, in order to minimize downtime.

We're Experienced

We’ve been doing professional web hosting for over 6 years. We serve thousands of clients, most small, many mid size, and some large. The experience accumulated from 6 years of premium, high level projects results in invaluable experience that helps us provide a high quality message for all our clients.

We're Qualified

Our entire Network & Server administration staff undergoes rigorous, regular training by RedHat accredited training institutions, and is constantly learning faster and more efficient ways to accelerate all hosting related projects and workloads. A high quality server, is nothing without highly trained engineers working on it.

We Spend our Money on You, Not Spam

If you've never heard of us, or haven't seen us on one of those dubious "Top 10" lists online, it's because we don't pay to be listed. We don't offer affiliate programs that give outrageous payouts. We spend our funds on you, on your servers, on your support - not on ads. If anything, we're the host people use after they were burned by hosts found on those spammy Top 10 lists.