Fast, affordable Virtual Private Servers with a variety of options

With VPS hosting, you get the security of a dedicated server combined with the affordability of shared hosting. Our VPS hosting offers fast performance and round the clock support with a range of packages to suit everyone’s budget.

Tariff CPU RAM HDD Network Price
VPS-Light 1 core (Xeon) 1GB DDR3 15 GB 2 TB 15$
VPS-1G 1 core (Xeon) 2GB DDR3 20 GB 2 TB 25$
VPS-2G 2 core (Xeon) 3GB DDR3 30 GB 2 TB 40$
VPS-3G 2 core (Xeon) 3GB DDR3 40 GB 2 TB 50$



All VPS Packages are backed by our 24/7 Quality Support through rapid support ticket system.

100% Network Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee our network will be available at least 100% of the time on a monthly basis. Our high-end routers, switches and choice of premium bandwidth providers mean 100% uptime is the norm for us.

You choose the quotas

Choose the right package to meet your performance and resource needs. Packages are instantly upgradable should you need to add resources at any time.

Our own infrastructure

We deliver our VPS solutions from our own infrastructure in Atlanta and Phoenix meaning we’re in control. This means we can deliver a far superior hosting experience than those competitors that just resell other services.

You choose the support level

Need a managed VPS? We’ll manage, monitor and maintain your VPS for a low monthly fee. And our support is the best in the business. Ticket response times are measured in minutes and seconds instead of hours and days.

Premium performance, budget pricing

Our OnApp-based VPS (Virtual Private Servers) offer premium performance at a budget price. Guaranteed resources with non-oversold carriers, RAID10 disks and 64GB RAM per hypervisor deliver performance that our competitors fear.